Our Logo


  The ancient-language word “Aquila” means Eagle. When the individual stars of the Aquila constellation

are connected, its Eagle shape soars high above the world yet in the middle of it all along the celestial equator. Aquila³  takes its inspiration from this symbol and our commitment to the highest level of

service and connectivity to our clients located anywhere and everywhere around the globe. 


Our Passion

  The founders of Aquila³ are driven by their commitment to developing manage and develop high-end, mission-critical turn-key connectivity wireless solutions to their clients. In order to do this, we must that means a commitment to understanding the our client’s clients’ current situations, challenges and their goals for improvement. 


Our Mission

To design, implement, and manage innovative connectivity solutions to clients worldwide, regardless of location.


Our Goals

Our goal is to present various options and solutions to our clients to enable them to make informed decisions that will meet their goals, time-lines and budgets. Once this is clarified, Aquila³ will assist in the engineering/design, procurement, installation, implementation, commissioning and final acceptance testing. Aquila³ has expertise in all outdoor wireless solutions, and one of the goals is to help our clients establish a single Wireless EcoSystem that manages all on-site wireless solutions reducing costs, duplications, system interference, and maintenance. Aquila³ expertise in regulatory compliance ensures all systems are properly licensed and meet FCC, FAA and NTIA frequency regulations. Aquila³ measures our success solely by the success of our clients. Their problems become our problems, and our solutions their solutions.