Wireless EcoSystems

A Wireless EcoSystem combines ALL wireless systems on a site under one umbrella. 

This saves money by combining resources, eliminating competing frequencies, mitigating interference and optimizing the performance of all wireless systems on site. 

A well designed and engineered system will be RELIABLE, REDUNDANT, ROBUST and SCALABLE for future expansion and growth. On-going preventive maintenance and service will ensure optimum performance for years to come.


Turn-key Design/Build

Aquila Cubed provides turn-key engineering, design, implementation, commissioning, acceptance testing and maintenance of all outdoor wireless solutions. This includes high-speed broadband, licensed and unlicensed microwave, SCADA and telemetry, WiMax and voice systems. 

Aquila³ can provide a complete turn-key system from inception to implementation, or we can assist our clients in oversight of equipment procurement after the RF Engineering for the systems has been completed by Aquila³, as well as over-sight and acceptance testing of systems installed by contractors.  This complete approach is especially helpful with Broadband Wireless Systems deployed in rural areas or in remote locations world-wide. Aquila³ partners have designed and installed Wireless EcoSystems on all seven continents and in over 28 countries, including the communications system at the South Pole. Aquila Cubed provides the engineering, design, installation and maintenance of your wireless ecosystem—no matter where it is! 


Strategic Management

Aqulia Cubed services your wireless ecosystem after the installation to ensure continued mission critical services.

Aquila Cubed provides assistance and Strategic Management Consulting Services with Grant Writing, Government Relations, Public Affairs, and IT Services.

Aquila Cubed also provides FCC and FAA filings by Aquila Cubed ensured continued regulatory compliance.


Automated Equipment Deployment

Automated deployment and remote control of light and heavy machinery, allowing driver-less full operation. 


Rural Radio Communications Solutions

Rapid response radio solutions for off-the-grid communications, including microwave, SCADA, Telemetry and Voice Radios to Broadband Wireless access points, WiMax and mobile communications trailers 


Equipment Procurement & Systems Testing

Assist in sourcing equipment solutions to spec, as well as oversight and testing of existing installed systems anywhere in the world.